a passion for education

I am passionate about inspiring people and helping others realize their potential and abilities. I am a conduit for knowledge to pass through, not the gatekeeper of information. I seek to create a classroom environment of collaboration, challenge, communication, conversation, and inspiration.

Everyone can learn and I am determined to find the right tools and lenses to help students grasp and engage in knowledge.  These include non-traditional approaches, diverse technology, student autonomy, alternative thinking, and laughter. 

Literature of the past has real world applications used today – it is my challenge to demonstrate the value of literature and grammar on the future for my students.  And if they do not grasp the concept, I will try again and again.  I will not give up on any student.

I want to inspire students to hunger, to thirst, and to seek more knowledge, so that when they leave my classroom they will go on to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

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My other passions in life are writing, photography, and travel.

I share my travels in my blog, Wanderlust, and my focus for photography is nature or untouched scenes.

A quick mention - I've been to three continents: North America, Australia (Oceana), and Africa. My goal is to stand firmly on all seven!